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Bioforce in brief


4 Million Euros


46 full time employees 10 part-time staff

Organisation Membership

295 members, including the Support Committee, the Business Club, NGO partners


15 000 hours of training delivered per year

6 professional programmes in France including 4 certified courses, a bachelor degree course and a European M.Sc. in partnership with The University of Liverpool

200 students per year in 6 vocational training programmes with an 86% placement rate

2 training programmes in conjunction with the CREPS from The Reunion Islands and The Institute of International and Strategic Relations, Paris

More than 50 refresher courses for seasoned professionals in humanitarian development and international co-operation. Training periods in human resource management, technical developments and security... in France et abroad

200 students per year in 6 vocational training programmes with an 86% placement rate

On average 20 nationalities represented in each year

350 students mentored in field missions in 30 countries with 70 international aid agencies

2,500 people trained since 1983. Among the graduates 55% are working in international aid, 12% in the private sector, 12%in the Health/Social Work/ Education sector and 7% have continued their studies

Training and consultancy for numerous NGOs; International corporations, Foundations and health organisations


More than 600 people each year receive coaching in the ways to more fully aid others through one to one sessions and 12 Aid Employment Workshops in Paris and Lyon

34 NGO partners, 12 target cities and more than 1,300 people met during the Humanitarian Tour de France, an information and advisory mission on the humanitarian sector

Consultancy for 3 aid projects entered in International competitions

A forum bringing over 30 European NGOs into contact with Bioforce trainees


Around 150 students, each year, involved in local aid projects (Greater Lyon)

700 school children in Vénissieux benefit from an awareness campaign to develop notions of citizenship and solidarity


In West Africa Bioforce runs a centre for health logistics and a training programme to develop the skills of local staff in Burkina Faso, in the Ivory Coast and elsewhere

From September 2009 there will be a training course for Health Logisticians at the Regional Public Health Institute in Ouidah (Benin).

A regional training centre in Benin for medico-technical equipment maintenance


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