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Institut Bioforce

Training and Careers Advice in Aid Programmes and Health Logistics

At all times, all over the world, professionals trained, or backed, by Bioforce are actively caring for and helping people in need.

The Institut Bioforce Développement is a totally unique training and career advisory centre.

A non-profit organisation founded in 1983 by Dr Charles Mérieux, Bioforce has 2 major objectives:



Aiding people, victims of crises or natural disasters, has become more and more complex with security, geopolitical and intercultural issues ever more invasive. More than ever the actors or future actors in humanitarian aid need clear guidelines, tools and methods to better serve those in need.

How then can those who have commited themselves to helping others be given the time for reflection and to master the tools necessary to optimise this commitment ?

By Training

As a school for those dedicated to humanitarian work Bioforce proposes a range of professional training courses, certified by NGOs, centred on the 2 essentials; skills and attitudes for those wishing to join International Aid organisations. The institute, likewise, caters for aid and development professionals who want to further develop their skills by short training courses adapted to the needs of the field. Moreover, it is always ready to put its expertise at the disposal of NGOs and International Agencies.

By Careers Advice

Informing and heightening public awareness of the fundamental values of aid work, advising those who wish to become involved, honing the skills of aid professionals: these are the three cornerstones of the Aid Employment Hub developed by Bioforce which has become the benchmark for career development in the humanitarian field.

By Local Development

Established in the Minguettes district in Vénissieux (a suburb of Lyon) Bioforce has contributed actively to the development of local Nonprofit organisations putting willing hands at their disposal as well as the know how and resources of the Institute. As a result the local school children have a far greater awareness of the importance of communal life and the world outside.



Health is at the core of development of any kind. However, public health operations in developing countries suffer from a lack of resource management. The consequence: a direct impact on the lives of millions of people in the world.

How, then, can medical staff be allowed to devote themselves even more effeciently to treating patients ?

By the re-enforcing of health programmes and structures

Since the beginning, Bioforce has based its missions on the co-ordinated support of public health projects. This support is aimed directly at re-enforcing health programmes and structures by adapted training courses, expertise in Health Logistics and advice on the management and maintenance of equipment.


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